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試験科目:Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist (JNCIS-SP)
問題と解答:全322問 JN0-360 認定テキスト

>> JN0-360 認定テキスト


NO.1 Click the Exhibit button
When the Junos configuration shown in the exhibit is applied to the router, which routes in the
forwarding table will begin load-balancing packet flows?
A. all routes in the forwarding table
B. all RFC1918 routes in the forwarding table
C. all OSPF routes in the forwarding table
D. all BGP routes in the forwarding table
Answer: B


NO.2 You own a small company and need to assign IPv6 addresses to your routers. Because you want
to follow the guidelines spelled out in RFC 3177, you want to design your network with the correct
prefixes. Which prefix would your ISP likely allocate to your company?
A. 47-bit prefix
B. 128-bit prefix
C. 48-bit prefix
D. 64-bit prefix
Answer: C

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NO.3 You are attempting to influence return traffic into your autonomous system by preferring one
router as an entry point.
Which two BGP attributes will affect this behavior? (Choose two.)
A. local preference
C. AS path
D. originator ID
Answer: B,C


NO.4 Click the Exhibit button
You work for the regional Internet service provider shown in the exhibit You have a partial BGP table
and are receiving a 10 100/16 route from your upstream ISP You have been asked to configure a
default route that can be sent to your downstream customer This route should forward customer
traffic toward your upstream Tier 11SP as long as the 10.100/16 route is present.
What would accomplish this goal?
A. Create and announce a static default route with a next-hop of reject
B. Create an advertise-map with exist-map
C. Create and announce a generated default route
D. Create and announce a static default route with a next-hop of discard
E. Create and announce an aggregate default route
Answer: B

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